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Sri Vari Exports is One of The World Class Exporters of Specialised Horticulture supporting Commodities with ISO 9001:2015 Certificate.


We are Increasing Our Focus as a Customer-Centric Company, Which is Expected to Result in Improved Relationship with Less Margin and Better Quality Standard with Sensitive to Customer Needs. We Ensure Timely Delivery & Bias for Action to Our Entire Customers with Agrochemical , Horticulture, Floriculture & Animal Husbandry Industries.

Quality + Pricing + Timely delivery = Excellence

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A Most Excellent Exports

Our Strategy

“Customer Satisfaction is our Motto”—- “Quality and timely delivery is our strength”.

Superior & Fine Quality

Our Products are Highly Branded and Not Contains Any Flavour.

Perfect Meet of Delivery

We Exports Our Products to Customers with the Time of The Delivery.




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Happy Clients.



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  • Mr. Passant El-Ewdy

     The shipment was discharged, the last type is very excellent, and if you have a better type more than that never hesitate to tell us about.

  • Mr. Roberto

     This morning download the container 70/30, the quality is Perfect.

  • S.Riyas Ahamed

     Honest and Reliable Company with Good Service and Pleasant to Deal With. Quality of Your Goods are Excellent and We look Forward to Doing More Business with You...I am Very Satisfied with Your Products. Thank You Very Much...

  • K.Anand

     Specially I must Mention the last incident of A Part of Our Business. I Thought that Discount was 37% and I Confirmed the Business but then they Realized that it was 38% Discount not 37%. To my Surprise with Honesty You gave Me 38% Discount on My Final Invoice. This is Real Ethics of Business. Thank You Very Much. Looking Forward for Long Term Relationship in Expanding Our Business.

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