Coco Peat 25Kg Bale

Coco Peat 25Kg Bale

Coco peat 25Kg Bags specially designed as most convenient product for commercial growth such as farms, potting mixtures, landscaping and seed generation and also used in Golf course settings for soil conditioner and mushroom industry as well.
Due to low compression ratio it is easy to handle and easy to break. 25 kg Coco peat / Coco peat bale has the moisture content between   35-45% and It can be provided in printed or un printed poly bags.


Product Name             :           25Kg Coco Peat Bale

Moisture                      :           35% - 45%

Compression Ratio      :           2:1

pH                                :           5.8 to 6.8

Weight                         :           25Kg +/- 3%

Bale Dimension           :           40 x 30 x 70 cm

Volume                        :           200 -220 Litre/bale

EC Level                      :          <0.5 mS/cm Low Ec

Grade                          :           Sieved


Loadability: -

670 Bales in 40’HC Floor Stuffing

550 Bales in 40’HC Pallet Stuffing

Coco Peat 25Kg Bale

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