Coir Bristle Fiber

Coir Bristle Fiber

Coir fiber is the thickest and the most strongest of the Natural Fibres, Long and strong Fibers are commonly used in Brush and Broom manufacturing industries.

The stiff, straight and long strands of Fibre are termed Bristle Fibre or Brush Fibre. The basic grade of Bristle Fibre is known as 1-Tie Fibre. This is then further hackled and classified into 2-Tie and 3-Tie based on the length of strands and the general condition of Fibres.

Bristle Fibre are mainly used for Brush/Broom and Tawashi Industry, Production of Coir Twine, Potting Mixes/Growing Media, Manufacture of special Filters.

We supply 1-Tie, 2-Tie and 3-Tie Bristle Fiber as follows ( as per Buyer’s requirement ),

  • Un-waxed, Un-cut, Un-Bleached
  • Waxed, Un-cut, Un-Bleached
  • Tie Waxed, Cut, Un-Bleached

Also we can supply them in Black colour or natural colour as per your requirement


Loadability: -

  • 1-Tie/Un-cut / 25 kg in a Bag / 560 bag in 40’HC (14MT) / 240 bag in 20’GP (6 MT)
  • 2-Tie,3-Tie/Un-cut / 25 kg in a Bag / 720 bag in 40’HC (18MT) / 320 bag in 20’GP (8MT)
  • 2-Tie,3-Tie/Cut / 25 kg in a Bag / 800 bag in 40’HC (20MT) / 400 bag in 20’GP (10MT)

Coir Bristle Fiber

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